Types of door frames available

Door frames hold the door, to lock an array of emotions, secrets and riddles safely within. Are you looking to find a door that fits perfectly into your dream house? A captivating door that catches the eye of your neighborhood but safe enough to keep burglars away? The secret lies in choosing an irresistible door frames that will leave your friends scrambling for invitations. So which door frames should you chose? Below is a description of the four most common types of door frames.

1. The wooden frame

This type is commonly used at interior doors in residential housing. The wooden frame accompanies a wooden door and together, offer warmth and natural beauty. Wood is relatively more expensive than aluminum, but it’s a small cost for the elegance in wood. If you are looking to furnish your room in a stylish natural aurora, a wooden frame is your wisest choice.

2. The Aluminum frame

This frame is popular for use on the exterior doors of residential houses and almost every other office building. Aluminum is cost-effective and requires very little maintenance. It’s also easy to install and customizable with an endless variety of custom colors. Aluminum is suitable for anyone who wants to get the job done and not get back to it; it does not rot!

3. The hollow steel frame

Look at a few office building interiors’ doors, and you will find yourself a couple of hollow steel frames, if not all. These door frames are applicable in both indoor and outdoor structures.

4. The hollow steel frame filled with mortar

Typically, these steel frames are similar to the hollow type but are filled with concrete. As a result, these frames are strong enough to withstand a lot of force. This property also makes them very difficult to modify whenever such is required of them.